The GOP House should pass a modest immigration proposal

We hear that the GOP House is looking at an immigration set of principles rather than formal legislation, according to a report from Byron York:

"As far as what GOP leadership will propose, the strategist says it's not likely to be anything in particular.

"It's not being presented as 'Here's a plan we want you to endorse," the strategist says. "It's more along the lines of, 'Here are some options. Is there any consensus around them?""

We need more than a "set of principles." We need for the House to pass a bill and send it to the US Senate.

Let me start by saying that I'm not calling for amnesty, as happened in 1986 under President Reagan, or a comprehensive package like McCain-Kennedy circa 2006-7.

I am simply calling on the GOP to take the long view and pass something along these lines:

a) Border security;

b) Very tough employer sanctions; and,

c) A path to legalization for the youngsters, or "dreamers".

My proposal does not do anything about the 10-12 million people who are here without papers. 

In fact, my message to these people is that they will have to wait. By the way, there are many waiting to enter the country "legally." Waiting is a way of life for people who want to come to the US.

The GOP House should act affirmatively and pass such a modest proposal. 

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