Syria peace talks near collapse before they start

What do you expect when you put John Kerry in charge of something? Talks to end the Syrian civil war appear headed for oblivion th eopposition is refusing to meet the delgation representing Presidnet Assad. Reuters: Syria's first peace talks were on the verge of collapsing on Friday before they began, with the opposition refusing to meet President Bashar al-Assad's delegation and the government threatening to bring its team home. The opposition said it would not meet Assad's delegation unless it first agreed to sign up to a protocol calling for a transitional administration. The government rejected the demand outright and said its negotiators would return home unless serious talks began within a day. "If no serious work sessions are held by (Saturday), the official Syrian delegation will leave Geneva due to the other side's lack of seriousness or preparedness," Syrian state television quoted Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem as saying. Friday was meant to be the...(Read Full Post)