Should the Olympics be cancelled?

House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mike McCaul thinks the security threat in Sochi, site of the Winter Olympics, is "the worst I've ever seen" and that some thought must be given to canceling the games if it gets any worse. The Hill: "I would say that the security threat to this particular Olympics are the greatest I think I've ever seen because of the proximity of the terrorists to the Olympic Village," he said on CBS's "Face the Nation."He added that the call from an Al Qaeda leader for a "global jihad" on the Russsian Olympics is "very disturbing to me in terms of the security at the Olympics."McCaul visited Russia this past week to assess the security risks facing athletes from across the world as they prepare to gather in Sochi for the winter Olympics. He said that while he currently doesn't think "it's a time to be an alarmist and cancel," that option should be on the table."If this thing gets worse, maybe we would consider that," McCaul said.The Russian...(Read Full Post)