Pete Seeger dead at 94

Just saying his name in some quarters starts an argument. But for more than 70 years, his voice, his music, his legacy defined the American folk tradition and, through his patient and constant efforts, preserved much of our musical heritage to be enjoyed by generations far into the future. Pete Seeger, who always let his music do his talking for him, died of natural causes last night. He was 94. Many will focus on his wretched politics. A former member of the Communist party (he quit in the 1940's), Seeger referred to himself as a "communist with a small 'c'." How much do we judge an artist by his political beliefs compared to the largeness of his talent and his impact on society? It will vary among all of us. Some of you may never be able to get beyond his anti-capitalist beliefs. And his idea of what America should be was clearly at odds with what the majority of us believe. But for many of us, we can look beyond his misguided, even childish notions of politics to glory in his...(Read Full Post)