Obama's NSA Speech: More mush from the proto-tyrant

Yesterday, President Obama delivered a speech to an audience at the Justice Department on NSA telephone spying that, in typical fashion, said very little of substance but sounded nice until you paid attention. Almost every change announced included a backdoor that vitiated any substantial change. Instead of the NSA storing telephone metadata, President Obama wants to the telecoms to store it instead. Reportedly, there was no prior consultation with these private corporations over this move, and most likely they would not welcome the expense and the legal liability that go with such a new role, but hey, they are highly regulated, so what are they going to do? Just like his demands on health insurance companies, Obama is playing the bully with companies whose fate is in the hands of his regualtors. And, to quote Hillary Clinton in another context, "What difference, at this point, does it make [who has actual custody of the metadata]? Is your privacy any less violated by keeping track...(Read Full Post)