Obama in NC: Where's Senator Hagan?

The president went to North Carolina to pitch his new "Manufacturing Institute" that will be located in Raleigh. But he had to mount the stage without the presence of North Carolina Senator Kay Hagan, who is one of the more vulnerable Democratic senators in 2014. What happened next was a lesson for the Senator in Chicago Way politics. Daily Caller: President Barack Obama rhetorically wrapped his arms tightly around Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan Wednesday after she refused to appear with him on his day trip to North Carolina. Hagan is facing a tough re-election bid in November, but her poll-ratings have been wrecked by her support for Obama's health law. Polls show she's fallen behind several potential GOP rivals. So she declined to appear with Obama on his campaign-style day trip to her home state, while claiming she couldn't tear herself away from her pressing work in Washington D.C. Obama responded to the apparent snub by wrapping himself around her at the start of his...(Read Full Post)