Mounting tensions between China and the US

China and the US are once again on a collision course as a new fishing regulation has been outlined by a Chinese island province of Hainan which requires all foreign vessels to obtain prior approval before entering the disputed waters of the South China Sea. After brewing tensions over China's setting up its Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) covering some parts of Japan's and South Korea's territorial waters, there was a narrow miss between Chinese first aircraft carrier Lioning and an American vessel again in the disputed waters in early December. While the US has described the Chinese move as "provocative and potentially dangerous," China has accused the US of unnecessarily fanning tensions and supported its move yesterday by upholding its thirty year old fisheries laws which has been "consistently implemented in a normal way and never caused any tension." The official Xinuha news agency charged the US of "resorting to the old trick of divide and rule," and a commentary added...(Read Full Post)