Islamic fashion statement

Thanks to the University of Michigan's Population Studies Center, we have a fairly accurate sense of what the Muslin world thinks is appropriate dress for a woman, and it ain't pretty. On purpose. Daniel Pipes describes the results at NRO: A survey conducted in seven Muslim-majority countries (Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Pakistan) finds that a median of 10 percent of the respondents prefer women to wear either a niqab or burqa when in public. The specific country figures range enormously, from 74 percent approval of these two garments in Saudi Arabia and 35 percent in Pakistan to 3 percent in Lebanon and Tunisia and just 2 percent in Turkey. Lebanon is the only country where close to half the population believes it is accepatable to gaze upon a woman's hair. And Lebanon is torn by violence between its Christian near-half and its Muslim slight majority. One must suspect that those who find a woman's hair acceptable in Lebanon are mostly Christians. ...(Read Full Post)