Hezb'allah Upgrades Missile Threat to Israel

As Obama bungles Syria, the seeds are being planted for a bloody and broad conflict on Israel's borders. Adam Entous, Charles Levinson and Julian E. Barnes of the Wall Street Journal have broken a story citing previously undisclosed US intelligence, outlining how Iran is helping Hezb'allah import strategic weapons systems into Lebanon, in no small part via Syria. The weapons have the potential to be game changers with sweeping geopolitical, military, and diplomatic implications. The Iranians now find themselves in violation of yet another UNSC resolution, in this case 1747, which prohibits them from selling or transferring arms (meanwhile Tehran and Damascus, and who knows who else, are on the hook for violating UNSC 1701, which calls on states to prevent the movement of weapons into Lebanon). Many Lebanese, already angry that Hezbollah has imported the Syrian war into the country, will now have to contend with the probability that Hezbollah is using Lebanese soil to cross Israeli...(Read Full Post)