Fat, Flunked, and Freaked Out

Some future historian will look back upon this period and conclude Americans became the most overweight, undereducated bunch of stoners in history. According to the CDC, more than 35% of adults are obese. Obesity-related health problems cost an additional $147 billion per year. Medical expenses for obese individuals run about $1,400 more per year compared to people in the normal weight range. But don't worry. ObamaCare will cover them when youth find work and sign up. Or when government gets out of the healthcare business. Forty-seven million adults are now on food stamps, an all-time record. The number has almost doubled in five years. Today, considering school breakfast and lunch programs, it is estimated the federal government is feeding about 100 million Americans each day at a cost of $80 billion annually. And guess what? Government food programs cause obesity. "Numerous studies going back to the 1970s have linked food stamps to poor eating habits," states James Bovard in...(Read Full Post)