Eric Cantor in the Crosshairs of the Left?

Is Bill Ayers' pal Mike Klonsky nominating new Obama administration paybacks?

Klonsky has posted an out-in-the-open message to Congressman Eric Cantor (R-Va) on his blog.

From Klonsky's Small Talk Blog:

Note to Cong. Eric Cantor -- Hope you are enjoying your junket to Davos and relaxing after working so hard to cut our unemployment benefits. Must be great skiing this time of year. But next time you and Rory grab some coffee over at the Kongress, be sure not to leave the receipt on the table.  Folks back in Virginia might get pissed. You don't want to wind up like your pal, Bob.

The Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Klonsky chose to follow up on a Huffington Post article written by Peter Goodman.

The HuffPo reporter recounted how he confronted Cantor and his director of communications, Rory Cooper at a Hotel Kongress restaurant in Davos, Switzerland, and asked him who was paying for his trip. Goodman ran with Cantor's response that it was "official" business and asked his readers to consider if it was really appropriate to spend taxpayer money on a trip to Switzerland while folks back home didn't have money for gas or food.

Klonsky liked the piece by Goodman so much he weighed in on the matter in the HuffPo comments section using his own name.

So what was Klonsky's advice to the House Majority Leader? "Watch your step, you could be the next Bob McDonnell."

Klonsky's a loyal Obama follower. He, like his Chicago cronies, doesn't forget past or present slights against his President.

When Representative Cantor managed to make Mr. Obama stutter and ramble through an explanation of how taxpayers were going to foot the bill for Obamacare way back at the healthcare summit in 2010, the video went mainstream, and put Cantor in Obama's spotlight.

The President ended up saying that 9 million citizens would lose their insurance, but would be better off on the exchanges.

So after Americans began receiving cancellation notices this past November and couldn't sign on to the website, Obama's admission came back to haunt him. The 2010 video was re-released to rave reviews by right-wing and conservative media.

The video also showed that during the same summit, while speaking the truth about the anything but  Affordable Care Act, Cantor also got a dig in when he had the audacity to plop the 2,400 page bill on the table in front of him for all to see. Obama called the display a "political prop" and could hardly contain his anger.

Klonsky's threat about Cantor ending up like Bob McDonnell is not just a snarky swipe; this unrepentant 60's radical communist means business. He couldn't care less about Cantor's stand on extending unemployment benefits, spending taxpayer monies or "folks back in Virginia." What he does care about is the fundamental transformation of America and making sure anyone opposing the plan gets his comeuppance. Congressman Cantor should plan accordingly.

h/t Paul Vincent Zecchino