Countdown to Geneva - 2

Although the countdown to the scheduled Geneva-2 international conference to resolve the Syrian imbroglio has begun, success looks rather unlikely due to hard postures adopted by both Syrian President Basher Al-Assad along with several opposition groups collected under the umbrella organisation the Syrian National Coalition. Whereas President Assad continues to remain firm in not stepping down, the belligerent opposition groups just as firmly hold that their engagement in the conference presupposes the removal of the Syrian president from power. Adding to the dilemma is the likely abstention of Iran in the scheduled conference. Iran in fact enjoys considerable influence in the West Asian region, thereby further reducing the chances the conference's success. While the United Nations and Russia have strongly supported Iran's participation, the U.S. has objected to it on grounds of Teheran's refusal to sign an earlier agreement in Geneva seeking a change of regime in Syria. It...(Read Full Post)