'How can we redistribute if there's no wealth?'

Maybe France's President Fran├žois Hollande's publicly revealed, private personal indiscretions (ok, maybe in France they're not considered indiscretions but standard operating domestic procedures) also prompted him to publicly question the standard operating procedures of France's socialist economy.  With French unemployment officially at over 10.5%, unofficially probably higher, Hollande put on his clothes, slunk out of his latest female friend's apartment and stood before the national enquiring minds of not only the French press but the international media as well, plaintively asking: "How can we run a country if entrepreneurs don't hire?" he said. "And how can we redistribute if there's no wealth?" In the words of a six year old, "Duh!"  Hollande certainly noticed that adding a 75% surcharge on multi, multi millionaires' income, including star sports figures, doesn't yield more tax revenue but literally kicks out the star business generators to friendlier tax...(Read Full Post)