Who were the political winners and losers of 2013

You'll see a lot of lists like this one but National Journal's Josh Kraushaar's take on which politicians won or lost in 2013 is as good as any and better than most: WINNERS New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. Resoundingly winning a second term in a Democratic state, Christie won a majority of Hispanic voters and a notable minority of African-Americans, too. He has emerged as the early establishment favorite for Republicans in 2016, overcoming some establishment angst that he's too hot-tempered and "Jersey" for his appeal to translate nationally. Already, he's leading Hillary Clinton in some (very) early national polls. Arkansas Republican Senate candidate Tom Cotton. At a time when Republicans are fighting each other regularly, Cotton is one of the few candidates to win enthusiastic support from both the party establishment and outside conservative groups. Even before the problems with the health care website, polls already showed him running neck and neck against...(Read Full Post)