Union bosses playing chicken with Boeing on jobs

The bosses of the International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers District 751, representing the Washington State workers at Boeing would rather jeopardize thousands of jobs than accept a 401k-style pension instead of a guaranteed pension income. That would be the type of pension that drove General Motors into bankruptcy. Boeing is planning a new generation of the wildly popular 777 twin engine airliner, the 777x, and is willing to establish a brand new facility to produce it. The 777x has already sold hundreds of frames, and is expected to replace the 747 as the most popular VLA (very large airliner) owing to its fuel efficiency and cargo-carrying capacity. KING TV in Seattle reports: After a third day of talks between Boeing and the Machinists Union, Boeing said they presented a counteroffer for 777X work to the leaders of the machinists union, which has been rejected.  The offer is still on the table, but KING 5 has learned that the company does not expect a...(Read Full Post)