Truck filled with radioactive material goes missing in Mexico

It's been a busy 24-hour news cycle for Mexicans.

First, Sr Lopez-Obrador, the candidate of the left who lost a very controversial election in 2006, suffered a heart attack.  He is apparently in a stable condition but his political future is suddenly uncertain.  Sr Lopez-Obrador had been busy lately fighting President Pena-Nieto's efforts to reform PEMEX and public education. 

Who will take Sr. Lopez-Obrador's place?  Time will tell but it's hard to replace a legend.

Second, a truck carrying radioactive material is missing. The BBC has an update:

"Local media reported that the truck, a 2.5-tonne Volkswagen Worker, was stolen by armed men at a petrol station in Tepojaco, on the outskirts of Mexico City on Monday morning. Mexican police are currently conducting a search for the truck and its contents and have issued a press release to alert the public of its potential dangers. Experts have long warned about the danger posed by radioactive material used for medical treatments and research in hospitals."

Let's hope that they find the truck and the materials.

Most people will assume that this is a "terrorist plot," or part of a scheme to get this truck and the deadly materials over the US-Mexico border.

It could be that.  Let's not rule that one out. President Obama said that the war is over but the terrorists have not opened that letter.

My guess is that the cartels are behind it. 

Over the last few months, the cartels have been attacking power stations & PEMEX gas stations.  

We will wait for the official report. 

Maybe we will learn that a soccer team drove off in the wrong white van after they stopped at the PEMEX gas station for a little Coca-Cola refreshment.   

My money is on those cartels terrorizing Michoacan and determined to bring down the rule of law.  We remind you again that Michoacan is the home of a major PEMEX petrochemical plant and the very important Lazaro Cardenas port.

I am glad that President Pena-Nieto sent some troops into the area.   Keep looking for that truck.


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