There is no 'Obamatroika' for ObamaCare

Some of us are old enough to remember "perestroika."  It was Premier Gorbachev's desperate move to reform the USSR or save a system that was falling apart dramatically. Perestroika did not work.  It did not make the centrally planned Soviet economy any better at putting food on the table or manufacture tractors. Perestroika failed.  And so will the latest effort by President Obama to save ObamaCare. First, there is a security problem, perhaps the mother of all glitches.   Who is going to give you your identity back once it gets compromised in the website? Second, the bugs are still going strong, according to The Washington Post.  I guess that someone forgot to disinfect the site because the bugs are terrorizing data. Last, but not least, there are two monsters around the corners: Premium shock and the death spiral because young people are not interested. Gorbachev eventually stopped talking about perestroika...(Read Full Post)