The best, the worst, the weirdest of 2013

Jim Geraghty's podcast - "The Three Martini Lunch" - handed out some interesting year end awards.

Person of the year - Secretary Sebelius for inflicting "more damage on the public's faith in big government in one year than you or I will do in a lifetime."

Turncoat of the Year - Charlie Crist.

Most Overrated - Michael Bloomberg:

 Bloomberg isn't charming, innovative, ingenious or persuasive, and without his enormous financial resources, Bloomberg would be a nonentity on the national political scene.

Most underrated - Rep. Mark Sanford who everyone thought was dead politically because of his affair with an Argentine woman.

He won by earning it, doing up to ten or eleven events a day and talking to anybody who wanted to ask him anything, while Colbert Busch stuck to a few highly scripted events.

Rising star - Arkansas Senate candidate Tom Cotton.

Fading star - John Boehner:

He will depart sometime in the not-too-distant future; the only question is whether it's in the coming year, after the 2014 midterms, or after 2016.

Best story of the year - the failure of Obamacare:

What the past months have shown us is that the world works the way we think it does: Big, complicated pieces of legislation often have lots of snags and unforeseen consequences. Government bureaucracies are slow-moving, often not responsive, and sometimes incompetent. We knew, even if the president didn't, that buying insurance is complicated. Human history is full of examples of centralized planning failing because it cannot account for all of the infinite variables of human behavior. Just recently we saw almost 60 percent of the uninsured haven't even looked at the exchanges. You can lead the uninsured to the exchange, but you can't make them buy.

Makes you wonder what 2014 will bring.

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