The 30 second ad that should terrify incumbent Democrats

Your going to see a lot of this - or some variation of it - going into campaign season next year. Chris Cillizza: The ad, which was produced by GOP media consultant Larry McCarthy, hits all of the high notes. It uses footage of Shaheen using the "if you like your insurance you can keep it" line while noting on screen that President Obama was given the "lie of the year" by PolitiFact for saying the same thing. A narrator points out that 20,000 New Hampshire residents have had their insurance canceled and that the Affordable Care Act offers only a single provider on the state's individual market.   The ad ends with this dagger of a line: "Next November, if you like your Senator, you can keep her. If not, you know what to do." Oomph. (Shaheen, to her credit, is using the Ending Spending ad buy to raise money. "The right-wing Super PACs are desperate to take back the Senate - and they know that to do that they must win in New Hampshire," she wrote in a fundraising...(Read Full Post)