Supreme Irony of Obama/Castro Handshake goes Unnoticed

Amidst all the coverage of the handshake between President Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro, including the hue and cry raised by conservatives outraged by the unseemliness of it, the real significance of the act, fraught with supreme irony, appears to have gone unnoticed. Contrary to the giddy reporting of the Left-leaning mainstream media, the handshake hardly represents the spirit of Nelson Mandela reaching out from the grave to promote "reconciliation" between the U.S. and Cuba. As some conservative commentators have observed, two Commies shaking hands is hardly a news story. But what about the supreme irony that, at the funeral of a man celebrated and eulogized for dedicating his entire life to combating racism against blacks, the "first black president of the United States" shakes hands with one of the leaders of a regime that is probably the worst practitioner of institutionalized racism against blacks in the entire world? In fact, the institutionalized racism in Cuba has...(Read Full Post)