Steyn: The Obama era's neo-feudalism

Mark Steyn's latest column, posted at National Review, considers the handiwork of our brilliant elites who are spawning a "post-work economy," featuring an ever-growing "dependency class" and a "vast bureaucracy that ministers to them," with the president's eponymous health care program as exhibit A: It's not merely that the website isn't state-of-the-art but that the art it's flailing to be state of is that of the mid-20th-century social program. The emperor has hipster garb, but underneath he's just another Commissar Squaresville. With his trademark wit, Stein contrasts Obama's tired theories with the visionary ideas of Amazon's Jeff Bezos, and he brilliantly exposes what "every initiative of the Obama era" shares: a nudge toward more government dependency and less self-reliance.  With self-reliance "intimately connected to human dignity," a dependent citizenry is "ultimately incompatible with liberty," as Steyn observes: The elites think a smart society will be...(Read Full Post)