Regarding 'sin' and the 'sinner'

The histrionics of the gay, the outraged and the media - calling Phil Robertson's definition of sinful behavior hateful, derogatory and disparaging - are missing the point as usual.  Also whiffing on this one are defenders who insist that the issue is Robertson's freedom of speech.  From a Christian perspective, in other words from Robertson's perspective, this is about freedom of religion. How to put this nicely to the perpetually sensitive Left?  When a Christian calls the behavior of a homosexual a sin, it makes the homosexual nothing special.  You see, in the Christian cosmology, we are all sinners.  Each of us has a spiritual rap sheet and only the particulars differ from one person to the next.  To Christians, therefore, homosexuals are just fellow human beings. For a believer like Robertson, it's also a sin to think of himself as better, with fewer or lesser sins, than others.  When he calls the homosexual act a sin, he also believes that...(Read Full Post)