Pajama boy snapped the ultimate selfie

Arrogant.  Rude.  Smug.  Wealthy.  Isolated from reality.  Bigot.  Narrow minded.  And oh, this content writer/pajama boy icon for President Barack Obama's deceptive Organizing For America, is dangerous.  Yep, your first impression upon gazing at pajama boy's smirking face was correct according to this portrait by Patrick Howley in the Daily Caller.  Proudly calling himself a "liberal f**k," pajama boy model and auteur,  Ethan Krupp, described himself in his blog, which for, hmmm, some reason he deleted "I am a Liberal Fuck," Krupp wrote in one post. "A Liberal Fuck is not a Democrat, but rather someone who combines political data and theory, extreme leftist views and sarcasm to win any argument while make the opponents feel terrible about themselves. I won every argument but one." That one losing argument (he's probably lost others, such as pajama boy, but doesn't know it) was to a "conservative gay prick" about abortion...(Read Full Post)