Obamacare 'enrollees' not really fully enrolled

Last week, the administration put on their happy faces and announced that 1.2 million people had signed up for Obamacare through state exchanges and the Obamacare website. More than 800,000 were new Medicaid patients who will likely be looking for a doctor - any doctor - to treat them. But around 365,000 have completed the sign up process for private insurance. But does the fact that they've signed up mean they're officially "enrolled" in the program? Wall Street Journal: HHS is boasting of enrollment for November that was four times as high as October, yet 62% of the total was in the state exchanges, some of which are marginally less prone to crashing than the federal version. Then again, 41 states posted sign-ups only in the three or four figures, including eight states that run their own exchanges. Oregon managed to scrape up 44 people. Among the 137,204 federal sign-ups, no state is reaching the critical mass necessary for stable insurance prices. The larger problem is...(Read Full Post)