Obama Goes Bronze

At this juncture, none but the most irretrievably deluded is going to confuse Barack Obama with a genius -- or even with someone who is possessed of anything beyond what amount to today's standard allotment in regard to intellectual ability. But who cares?  Whatever else the Columbia (?) and Harvard Law matriculated Oval Office occupier is, he's the first black and gay president -- and that's what matters of course. This might be half the reason why nobody really blinked when, last year around election time, the Commander-in-Chief remarked to Jay Leno as follows: "the math stuff I was fine with until about seventh grade...and but Malia's now a freshman in high school and...uh...I'm pretty lost...you know...it...it's tough... Yeah, it's "tough." Evidently, the leader of the formerly free world finds himself stumped with the sort of problem depicted here. Funny...but you know what else the brainiac president says is tough?  Insurance! You can't make this stuff up,...(Read Full Post)