NPR trying hard to take race out of Knockout Game

Our taxpayer-subsidized national radio network NPR faces a difficult task in covering the nationwide outbreak of unprovoked attacks by young black males. The result is a sad, yet hilarious segment, whose transcript is found here, suggesting we call them "random street assaults" rather than anything which might mention the awkward fact that the attackers are black and the victims white, Asian, Hispanic, or, when available, Hasidic Jews. An NPR host named Rachel Martin interviews someone named Gene Demby, who is employed by NPR to be "lead blogger" at an NPR blog called "Code Switch," that presents itself as offering the "frontiers of race, culture and ethnicity." In the Demby/NPR world, it is a major problem that conservative media are failing to suppress the stories of black-on-white violence for fun: MARTIN: Depending on what kind of media you are absorbing, that could be affecting your perception of what this is, this phenomenon? DEMBY: Right. The knockout game is, in a lot...(Read Full Post)