New website, same lousy ObamaCare

The new website is off and running.  It may or may not work.  It's too early to tell. However, the AHCA has a much bigger problem than a "groggy web site". Or a new one that meets the deadline! The real problem is that the AHCA is a lousy insurance policy that most Americans would not buy if it was offered in a completive marketplace.  It is a policy designed by bureaucrats rather than supply & demand.    It is the US version of those Soviet cars or tractors designed in the Kremlin.  Remember the one about the camel is a horse designed by committee?  Welcome to ObamaCare! According to The Wall Street Journal, the AHCA is everything but affordable: "The law converts insurance products on the ObamaCare exchanges into interchangeable commodities that finance the same standard benefit at the same average expense over four tiers known as bronze, silver, gold and platinum.   So, for example, a bronze...(Read Full Post)