Mexico leads the way with PEMEX reforms in 2013

The big "happy story" of Latin America is Mexico, and its PEMEX reforms. As Andres Oppenheimmer reports, "El pacto de Mexico" will not be easy because the left will do everything possible to make life miserable for the reformers.  The good news is that the left in Mexico is loud but it does not win national elections.  Nevertheless, Mexico has demonstrated that reform can happen, especially when you have a leader who wants to lead. This is a list of "reforms" in Mexico, again from the aforementioned Mr Oppenheimer via Fausta's Blog: Education reform: Mexico's political parties passed a law in September that will break the country's once almighty teachers unions' control over the education system and will allow for the first time the hiring, promotion and even firing of new teachers based on standardized tests and periodic evaluations. Until now, Mexico had thousands of teachers who couldn't be fired even if they failed to show up in class.   ...(Read Full Post)