Manliness and the Knockout Game

In the Midwest Voices series in the Kansas City Star on Dec. 14, Justin Dyer writes a guest column headlined "'Manly' behavior is often out of line" that looks at the "knockout game." Dyer relieves himself of some opinions which are politically incorrect, (which is always refreshing). He writes about what it means to be a man. Shockingly, it ends with an event that happened in a small Missouri town I know well:

A few years ago city surveillance cameras near my office at the University of Missouri captured a video of seven teenagers approaching from behind a young man named Adam Taylor. One kid in the group knocked the unsuspecting Taylor unconscious with one blow to the back of the head. Game over.

When there are males, but not men, the knockout game is what we can expect.

In the bio-line at the end of the piece we learn that Mr. Dyer "is an assistant professor of political science at the University of Missouri in Columbia." At professor Dyer's webpage at UMC, there are links to his articles and books.

Young males would do well to read Justin Dyer's short article in the Star.


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