Obama is black, Santa is white, and ObamaCare has the color of a corpse

The race card is in play again.  In other words, it's always "race talk" when they need to change the subject.

Let me say a word about Santa's skin color, as long as everybody else seems obsessed with it.

A few years ago, I stayed up to greet Santa and give him that glass of milk & cookies that my sons had left for him. I do confirm that I saw a white guy but I did not spend a lot of time thinking about it.It was the toys that Santa had charged on my credit card that occupied my time.

Anyway, I'd rather talk ObamaCare, the issue that should concern all of you.

First, the uninsured are now suddenly in the news but for the wrong reason, according to Peter Suderman:

"When the health law passed back in 2010, the thinking amongst many Democrats was that controversy around the overhaul would eventually fade, and the law would become popular as people felt its effects. Part of the thinking behind that argument was that the American health system was already so bad that nothing could really be worse. But nearly four years later, with the law's health exchanges launched, its various interim benefits in place, and its biggest insurance market changes just weeks away from kicking in, the verdict from the public is in: Obamacare isn't just a bad system. It's a bad system that's worse than the old bad system. And at least for now, even the uninsured, the people who supposedly stand to gain the most from the law, think so too."

Second. the Obama administration is now trying to pass the buck and put the ball on the insurance companies' court, according to The Wall Street Journal:

"The White House says that ObamaCare is all fixed, but its conduct suggests otherwise. As it has realized that the government-created chaos is exposing patients to nasty and even deadly surprises, the government is now forcing the insurance industry to cover everyone retroactively and also to waive the contractual terms of that coverage-or else."

Third, we just heard that Thousands of HealthCare.gov sign-ups didn't make it to insurers, according to The Washington Post.

And there is so much more.  

Do you understand now why the left would rather talk about Santa's skin color? It's so much easier to play the race card than to explain to Democrats seeking reelection that everything is going to be OK.

Yes, Santa is white but it's the color of ObamaCare that should concern you. 

The law has the color of a corpse and the financial statement has red all over!

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