Libya detains 4 American security guards for hours

They can't seem to find those responsible for attacking our diplomatic outpost in Benghazi, but the Libyan government had no trouble rounding up 4 American citizens and holding them for hours. New York Times: Four American military personnel assigned to the United States Embassy in Tripoli, Libya, were detained Friday and then released after being held for hours by the country's Interior Ministry, American officials said. The four were believed to have been reviewing potential evacuation routes for diplomats when they were detained, according to the initial reports received by officials in Washington. The State Department spokeswoman, Jen Psaki, said they were working on "security preparedness efforts" when they were taken into custody. The area where they were said to have been detained is not far from the main road to the Tunisian border from Tripoli, the capital. After running into a problem at a checkpoint - many of which are run by local militias - they were...(Read Full Post)