Israel is incapable of saying 'no'

America has forced Israel to: 1. Accept the Roadmap which contained the Saudi Plan and prohibited settlement construction. Israel's 14 reservations meant nothing and UN Security Council Res 242 was forgotten about. 2. Sign the Rafah Agreement that squeezed Israel out of the Rafah Crossing thereby giving rise to unrestricted smuggling. The result of which was over 10,000 rockets coming Israel's way. 3. Accept UN Security Council Res 1701 at end of the second Lebanon war which was to stop Hezbollah from rearming. It did no such thing and now the US is negotiating with Hezbollah. 4. Apologize to Erdogan for the Mavi Marmara incident when Israel was in the right, on the understanding that Turkey would again work with her. A total failure. 5. Release 104 convicted murders as a sweetener to get Abbas to enter negotiations which are of no value to her. 6. Enter into negotiation for a settlement while at the same time agreeing with the Arab position of '67 borders plus minor swaps....(Read Full Post)