Indiana Stands Up

Evidence continues to amass that 2013 was the year the left went a step too far. Along with near-universal defiance of ObamaCare's various "mandates" and the belated but effective blowback against the gay thought police occasioned by Phil Robertson's GQ homily, we now have Indiana University cutting ties with the American Studies Association (ASA) over the organization's submission to anti-Semitic BDS policies. On Monday, December 23rd, university president Michael McRobbie announced IU's immediate withdrawal from the ASA over the organization's announcement of an academic boycott against Israel. The ASA's announcement was yet another step in mainstreaming the Boycott, Divest, and Sanctions movement, an effort to rally international support for Palestinian demands against the Israeli government. Lofty in rhetoric but sleazy in execution, the BDS movement attempts to reduce Israel, a Western democracy in the classic European mold, to the level of the former...(Read Full Post)