House passes budget deal

The vote was pretty overwhelming: 332 - 94, which probably means passage in the Senate too. As I said yesterday, this is a penny ante deal that has more to do with strategic thinking about 2014 than it does reducing the deficit. If the Senate passes this budget, it will clear the decks for immigration reform early next year, and probably means smooth sailing for Obama in getting a longer term debt ceiling increase. Meanwhile, the Obamacare meltdown remains story #1. Politico: In an interview after the vote, Ryan said the vote total was "much higher than I expected," and that "we're getting a little bit of integrity back into the system." "I think people are hungry to get things done around here," Ryan said. "That's what I got, I got so many of my colleagues saying thank you for bringing some normalcy back to this place. So I'm very pleased about that." The deal sets discretionary spending at $1.012 trillion for the current fiscal year -- a level that will rise to $1.014...(Read Full Post)