GOP Senate fundraising lags in November

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee outraised their Republican counterparts by a considerable sum in November, raising questions about the GOP's bid to take over the Senate in 2014. CNN: The Senate GOP re-election committee was out raised last month by its Democratic rival, but the National Republican Senatorial Committee says that when debt is factored in, the two party committees are on near equal financial footing. The NRSC Friday announced that it brought in $3.18 million in fundraising in November, with $6.4 million cash on hand and no debt. At the beginning of the week the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee announced that it raised $5.1 million last month, with $12 million cash on hand and debt of around $5 million. The DSCC touted last month's haul as its best non-election year November fundraising total ever, and some of that credit goes to President Barack Obama, who was the main attraction at some top dollar fundraisers last month for the...(Read Full Post)