Field Poll Shows Californians Abandoning Obama

California voters are becoming critical of the job Barack Obama is doing as president. According to the latest Field Poll reveals that 51% of California voters approve of the president's overall performance, but 43% now disapprove. This represents an 8 point increase coming from some of the president's strongest former supporter groups since July. The rise in dissatisfaction is being driven by independents, Latinos, union-affiliated households, and women. It seems that Obama's bumbling of healthcare and foreign policy may even have consequences in the Peoples' Republic. The president has been continuously in the doghouse with American voters since the second week in December of 2012. He hit an all-time low for both terms of his Presidency today, according to the Rasmussen Reports, with a negative 24% in the spread between voters who say he is doing a good job versus a poor job. But until this week's report, Californian's voters have been Obama's rock, with an average positive...(Read Full Post)