Eff Yourself

After pushing Thanksgiving dinner indoctrination sessions that obviously proved less than copious, Obama's Organizing for Action has now released a new video in an attempt to get parents talking health care with their kids (those essential young and healthy) during Christmas.  And as if the video wasn't embarrassing enough, President Obama Tweeted an ad featuring a young man wearing onesie pajamas (talk about giving comfort to our enemies), drinking cocoa, and talking about health insurance.  So, "are you in?"   When this latest effort doesn't work, maybe the Obama administration will attempt to garner the attention of these 26-plus-year-old "children" by creating some sort of an Elf Yourself parody, perhaps resembling England's NHS Olympic opening display.  (Elf Yourself is the crafty website where you can upload your image info to the servers and -- presto -- you and your family instantly become part of a cartoonish musical...(Read Full Post)