Congrats to Phil and America!

Congratulations, America -- we did it!  Thanks to your passionate pushback, A&E rescinded its suspension of Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson.  One thing to take away from the Duck Dynasty controversy is that no one can predict the future well enough to be a pessimist. Conservative intellectuals (smart people) read negative political tea leaves that lead them to conclude that all is lost -- they see that Obama and his army of liberal socialist/progressives have all the power.  They do everything right to further their agenda while we bumbling conservatives do everything wrong. I simply cannot subscribe to negative predictions of the future.  No one knows what tomorrow may bring.  Secondly, 60-something years of living has taught me to trust God. For example, who could have predicted that a scruffy bearded duck-hunter would inspire mega-millions of Americans to push back and win a major battle in the war against...(Read Full Post)