Bizarro Lake Woebegon

Welcome to Camden, New Jersey, where the new superintendent of schools recently announced that only three students in the public school system who took the SAT tests in the 2011-12 academic year scored high enough to qualify as college-ready, according to AP: The new school superintendent in Camden, N.J., says it was a "kick-in-the-stomach moment" when he learned that only three district high school students who took the SAT in the 2011-12 school year scored as college-ready. Remember that America spends more money per student on public education than any other major country. Eric Owens of The Daily Caller notes that: According to the College Board, which markets the SAT, a college-ready score is essentially a score just above average on the standardized test's three sections (currently called critical reading, mathematics and writing). Welcome the Bizarro Lake Woebegon, where (nearly) all the students are below average. Meanwhile, the Camden Education Association, the...(Read Full Post)