Arapahoe High Shooter Was a Keynesian

Interestingly enough, the young shooter at Arapahoe High School in Colorado was a proud Keynesian who hated the Republican Party as the party that just wants "people to die." In a Facebook posting prior to his death, Karl Pierson mocked free-market thinkers and Adam Smith's "invisible hand" theory of economics.  The Los Angeles Times quoted acquaintances of Pierson in an article that he was a strong advocate of gun rights, yet they conveniently left out his other political views.  His alleged position on gun rights, however, seem contradicted by his Facebook posts, which criticized the Republican stance on gun laws.  A female classmate of Pierson -- in an MSNBC interview, of all places -- stated that the shooter proudly identified himself as a socialist. Now, the political views of someone who obviously was mentally ill are not as significant as is the way in which they are treated by the media.  If Pierson had been an evangelical Christian...(Read Full Post)