America's New Millions of Uninsureds

As more and more Americans go online to report their experiences with Obamacare, there's an undeniable truth emerging: the Obama administration and the Democrat party have created a federal program to insure their famously promoted forty million uninsured Americans by uninsuring untold millions of previously contentedly insured Americans. There are endless negative accounts out there from middle class Americans who had been making their way through their lives, many of them self-employed entrepreneurs, who while not perfectly satisfied with their health insurance premiums and their policy limitations, nevertheless found them acceptable and affordable. And what do they say?

They are stunned by what their federal government has done to them with a legislative mandate that, according to one of the three most powerful Democrats in the land at that time, had to be passed before we could see what is in it. These affected Americans are now seeing what is in it and there is nothing there they would have approved had they been given the reasonable, democratic opportunity to do what their congress should have allowed them instead of cramming down the nation's throat in a totally partisan vote.

The entire process of enacting Obamacare was driven by the Democrat's drummed-up urgent need to insure thirty to forty million Americans who had no health coverage. Totally ignored was the reality that many millions of these uninsured were young people who traditionally have avoided the expensive burden of health care insurance until they married and started families or until they reached an age where the odds became less in their favor to remain uninsured. Also in that cohort of uninsured were millions of people who were in this country illegally, yet availing themselves of our health care systems through hospital emergency rooms that would not and could not turn them away. To fill out that apocryphal 30 to 40 million figure the Democrats and their complicit mainstream media kept throwing at us, add in the millions of people who simply participate in our society at such a disinterested, minimal level as to never make any attempt to obtain any form of health care, except like the illegals, through the emergency room.

So who are these new uninsured? They're the folks posting all over the Internet about their health insurance premiums doubling or tripling all while their deductibles have also increased to the point where virtually none of their previously covered routine medical needs are now covered. Think about that: In order to insure the uninsured young, illegals and irresponsibles, these responsible Americans have effectively lost their own coverage all while being victimized by this federal knockout. Lost their insurance? They've lost their insurance because the new, higher deductibles mean that virtually all of their routine medical coverage is now their responsibility, not their insurers.

For millions of them, their previously acceptable health care insurance has been converted without their consent, or even any opportunity to express their concerns, into a catastrophic insurance policy that would have, prior to Obamacare's passage, been available to them at a fraction of the premiums they will now have to pay. The hard, cold actuality is that Barack Obama took health care away from these folks to give it to those he favors. The bitter, cruel reality is that these previously satisfactorily insured Americans have been de-insured by this legislative craziness imposed on this country by the Socialist Democrat party. These newly dispossessed citizens should found an activist organization and call it:

America's New Uninsured...