A valiant bishop fights back in lawless Michoacan

One of my good friends in Mexico is a Texas A&M graduate who called on Sunday to talk about the future of Johnny Manziel, or "Juanito futbol" as he likes to call him. We spoke a lot about the Texas A&M-Missouri game, the bizarre ending in Alabama and the Rangers acquiring Prince Fielder to play first base.  However, we soon found ourselves reviewing the deteriorating situation in Michoacan, Mexico. As I mentioned in a previous post, most Americans don't know where Michoacan is.  Most Mexicans know too well that there's Port Lazaro Cardenas and a huge petrochemical facility is in that region.  President Pena-Nieto of Mexico faces a growing problem in Michoacan, or ground zero in the Mexican drug war.   As my friend said, Mexicans are really starting to worry about Michoacan.  My friend, a businessman south of the border, believes that Michoacan will explode and get a lot worse.   The terrain is...(Read Full Post)