What You Lose with NBC News

Via Newsbusters.org: After going 72 hours without even mentioning ObamaCare on its air waves, NBC's continued refusal to cover the disastrous policy on Thursday's Nightly News or Friday's Today brought that total up to 96 hours. Amazingly, Friday's Today had the audacity to include two segments about Vice President Joe Biden buying lunch at a Washington D.C. sandwich shop rather provide any Obamacare updates. Think about that, folks: here our nation is, embroiled in the biggest government-created domestic mess it has experienced in decades -- perhaps ever -- and one of the supposed top three broadcast network news shows in the country and its morning counterpart have not even mentioned the subject in 96 hours.  That's four full days. Apparently the term news means something elitely different in New York City-Speak.  Worse, what can NBC's nationwide audience perceive as current news when the main issues of the day are being kept...(Read Full Post)