Twenty-Five Signs

How do you know when you have successfully argued and defended your position when debating with leftists or progressives on Facebook (or face-to-face)? Look for these telling signs (not necessarily in this exact order): 1. They call you an "extremist, radical, racist, Teabagger, heartless capitalist, or FoxNews cultist." 2. They declare that "you're a 'hater' or you're angry." 3. They ignore the facts and evidence you present, and challenge your "motivations" instead. 4. They accuse you "insulting" any liberal, progressive, or leftist that you criticize, and remind you that you have no right to question. 5. They question your intelligence, experience, education, ethnic background, and/or religious beliefs. 6. They denounce you as "intolerant and judgmental." 7. They demand that you "get off your high horse." 8. They claim that you "lack empathy for others", that you're "selfish" or "evil." 9. They accuse you of not loving ordinary people, and hating the poor, the children, the...(Read Full Post)