The Privileged Class Speaks

On the heels of election night and the win for governor by Democrat Terry McAuliffe in Virginia, websites such as The Daily Beast are telling us that the Center Speaks, suggesting that the electorate is rejecting the "extremism" of the Tea Party. A more appropriate title would be: "the Privileged Class Speaks." By "privileged" I am not referring to the Super Rich; I am referring to the securely-employed bastion of federal employees who work in and around Washington, D.C. "Privileged" because they are not just well-paid with lifetime job security; they are obscenely overpaid. Six of the nation's ten wealthiest counties are situated in close proximity to Washington, D.C. In other words, they are home to federal employees who work for the federal government. While the rest of the nation is struggling with the recession, Washington, D.C. is a boomtown, living off of massive federal spending and deficit-spending that is bleeding our economy. So no wonder a significant chunk of the...(Read Full Post)