The left is now eating its own is not happy that ObamaCare has become a "political nightmare" so they are blaming their cronies in the "mainstream media" (yes, they actually use that term) for failing to present balanced coverage of ObamaCare's successes.  [See their latest mass email below.] To combat this grave injustice, they are launching a campaign against the Democrat-Media Complex by flooding newsrooms and the internet with stories of the millions of Americans who have purportedly benefitted from ObamaCare.    Anyone who has been paying attention for the last 5 years -- even a liberal -- knows that any claim that the press is slanted against the left is laughable.  The media have been major proponents and advocates for ObamaCare since it was a glimmer in the President's eye.  But the Obama minions at MoveOn must deflect responsibility for this mess away from the President and congressional Democrats in order to complete his utopian transformation of America from now until...(Read Full Post)