The Edification of the Low-Information Voter

The predictably disastrous rollout of ObamaCare has given conservatives a rare opportunity -- a perfect storm, if you will -- to just sit back and observe while low-information voters discover firsthand that President Obama's lofty rhetoric in no way matches the actual effects of his signature law.  It's as if these shell-shocked low-information voters are being thrust into a once-in-a-lifetime crash-course on the failures of big government -- before the law even gets off the ground.  ObamaCare's implementation is different because previous expansions of the federal leviathan moved "forward" due to the temptations of unbridled utopian promises (think Social Security and Medicare) and because the inherent economic flaws didn't present themselves until well after Americans were fully dependent upon the system.  Not this time around. Where did these millions of potential students of ObamaCare come from?  They were created by an educational...(Read Full Post)