'Security flaws' will be the straw that breaks ObamaCare's back

It may be time to call for the Little League "mercy rule" because this is getting ugly to watch.  This is not just a blemish on the Obama administration but our country is really looking bad.    Let's check the last two items from the front pages: 1) The lady who was "hailed" as an ObamaCare success story is now another ObamaCare problem.   She can't afford her premiums. We hear that she got the wrong "premium info" when she went in for a quote.  My guess is that she is not the only one. 2) We learned that there are serious security flaws on the website: "A respected security expert will warn Congress on Tuesday that the Obama administration's healthcare website has security flaws that put user data at a "critical risk," despite recent government assurances the data is safe.  "There are actual live vulnerabilities on the site now," David Kennedy, head of computer security consulting firm TrustedSec LLC, told Reuters ahead of...(Read Full Post)