PJ Media's Washington Correspondent Bill Straub guests on Moran's show

Join us again for another somewhat non-partisan episode of the RINO Hour of Power with your host Rick Moran and special co-host tonight Rich Baehr of the American Thinker. The rollout of Obamacare has thrown the United States into an unprecedented crisis. Unprecedented because it has been caused by the monumental hubris of the Democratic party who actually believed they could legislate reform for one sixth of the US economy without ghastly unanticipated consequences. And the crisis is unprecedented because there is no similar case on record where the towering incompetence of a president and his administration has led the country into a morass that we will be lucky to emerge from with only singed fingers. Yes, a crisis my Democratic friends. It's a crisis that threatens individuals, families, businesses and the economy as a whole. And joining us to discuss whether the GOP should cooperate in saving a law they voted 40 times to repeal will be Bill Straub, Washington ...(Read Full Post)