One 'Weird Trick' to Circumvent the Obamacare Nightmare

I am shamelessly using the "weird trick" marketing ploy to alert AT readers who have individual policies to a very desirable alternative to being sucked into the nightmare of Obamacare.  My "weird trick" provides the following benefits: 1)      You will not need to go insane trying to enroll on the disastrously and irreparably broken website. 2)      You will not need to put your personal information at risk by giving it to an ex-ACORN employee at the Obamacare phone center (1-800 F1U-CKYO). 3)      You will contribute to the downfall of this misbegotten gateway to the socialist conversion of the US economy and enslavement of the populace (aka Obamacare) by not participating. 4)      You will not need to pay the John Roberts "tax" penalty to the IRS for not participating in this fiasco. 5)      You will not need to pay for "benefits"...(Read Full Post)